Analog Photography Log Book

I published an Analog Photography Log Book to enable you to keep track of all the images we create with our analog cameras.

We all like our analog photography. Slowing down, not knowing what the result is until we develop the film. The downside is that it is hard to keep track of the settings we used to create the image. It may be relatively easy to remember the camera and lens we used as well the ISO of the film. However, this becomes harder though when we have to keep track of the aperture and shutter speed as well as date, time and location of the image.

Therefore, I decided to create an old school log book (use pen and paper to log everything) that enables you to log the following details of the images you have created:

  • Date, time and location of the image
  • Camera, lens and film ISO
  • For each image the aperture and shutter speed used.
analog photography log book page

Right now the Analog Photography Log Book is available as paperback on Amazon.

Analog Photography Log Book

If you are new to analog photography, please check out my book A Digital Workflow for Analog Photography on Amazon as well. The book explains the basics of analog photography, such as:

  • camera types
  • film types
  • metering light
  • developing your film
  • scanning your film

The book is available both as a paperback as well as an eBook.

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