100ASA.com: an alternative for Instagram?

Instagram is focusing more and more on reels and stories and contains a lot of advertising, It may be time to look at 100ASA.com as an alternative for Instagram, focused at photographers.

When Instagram started somewhere in 2010, it was originally intended as a platform that enabled its users to share photographs. This would build communities with likeminded users that shared an interest in a similar style of photography.

Alternative for Instagram - Street in Blois, France
Work submitted by me to 100ASA.com

100ASA.com – alternative for Instagram

Fast forward to 2023, we see that Instagram has shifted to a platform with a lot of advertising as well as a focus on video with reels and stories to attract an audience. The simple message with one or more photographs that show your work and build an audience around that seems to be far off in the current state of Instagram. Photographers are even resorting to videos that contain their photograph and a message that states ‘I am a photographer and I took this photo’.

100ASA.com intends to go back to the roots by providing a platform where serious photographers can post their work and get other users of the platform to rate and comment on their work; a process 100ASA.com calls Curation.

So recently, I decided to become a member of 100ASA.com. Let me explain how 100ASA.com and what it can bring you.

Alternative for Instagram - Lucca Cathedral
Lucca Cathedral

How does it work?

The 100ASA.com uses a system called curation. With this, you can rate and comment on photographs of other users that have submitted their photographs for curation. When you rate the photographs of other users, you earn tokens. Once you have earned 20 tokens, you can submit one of your photos for curation as well. Photos are open for curation during a limited period of time. During the curation period, photos are only visible for 100ASA.com members.

Once the curation period has passed, the photo is published to one of the public galleries of 100ASA.com. These galleries are also visible to non 100ASA.com members, giving your work a public platform. Depending on the popularity of your photo, 100ASA.com published it in a specific gallery.

Once published, the photo can still receive feedback and possibly promoted to one of the galleries containing more popular photos.


All in all, 100ASA.com is still a long way away from the popularity of Instagram. However, it is a platform with a very specific audience which may well become an alternative for Instagram. This gives you the opportunity to receive valuable feedback from your peers, rather than the obligatory likes that people reap on Instagram.

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